How to Convince Your Partner You Need Decor at Your Wedding

How to Convince Your Partner You Need Decor at Your Wedding

Need to catch your fiancé up with your decor planning progress and show them why we’re a great fit? Send them this! 

Dear fiancé, 

Picture this: A wedding without decor is like a cake without frosting—still sweet, but lacking that extra oomph! Now, I know what you might be thinking: "Why do we need decor when our love is already the centerpiece?" Well, let me whisk you away on a journey to show you why we need decor for our big day AND the perfect solution I’ve found for beautiful decor that will make our lives so easy. 

Why do we need decor at all? I’ll start there. 

1. Flowers need vases

Flowers need water, and something to hold them in! Wedding decor provides the perfect vessels for our flowers. Bud vases for the tables, accent vases for our head table and a backdrop with acrylic stands for our ceremony are all pieces of decor we definitely want our florist to add flowers to—trust me .

2. Decor sets the mood

It’s like the DJ for our eyes. Decor creates an atmosphere that makes people feel like they’re part of something special (which they are!)let’s infuse it with color, texture, and show our unique personalities. 


Why don't we just order stuff on Amazon? Great question.

3. We aren't the decor experts

Decor professionals are the experts in planning and choosing decor. We don't have wedding decorating experience we don’t want to choose poor quality items, stuff that doesn’t match or poorly designed decor that looks cheap and breaks. I’d be ordering a million things from now until our wedding and you’d be stuck doing all the returns for stuff that didn’t work out.

4. We don’t have the room or time to do it all ourselves

I don’t want our guest room full of wedding decor until we use it, and I especially don’t want to be stuck trying to sell all of it on Facebook Marketplace afterwards. I also would rather spend my time with YOU, not figuring out what to do for decor.

You may be thinking “okay, but renting decor sounds expensive.” That’s where I’ve found the perfect solution. There’s a company that has done all the planning, sourcing, testing and design of wedding decor for us, but has a new, completely streamlined process. Here’s why:

5. A capsule event is easy and saves us time

We can chose decor for our entire venue using their curated, predefined packages. It was so easy and fits within our color scheme and aesthetic. They’ll give us a full design plan showing exactly how our venue will look, plus set up instructions.

6. Renting decor is cost effective

The average cost for decor and design is $4,000-$6,000 for 150-200 guests. The package I found starts at $1,700. Because their model is super efficient, the company passes those efficiencies onto us and charges a fraction of the price. We can use that extra money for our honeymoon, or whatever feels most important to us. 

It’s really the perfect solution. All the decor we need, an easy process, one more thing we can cross off our wedding planning to-do list right now! 

If you want to do your own research, start with these helpful links: 

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The Wedding Trailer is here to turn your wedding dreams into reality. Our completely streamlined model and process will give you more budget and time to spend on the important details! Contact us today to explore our decor and begin your journey towards an unforgettable wedding celebration.
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