Everything you need to know about capsule events

Everything you need to know about capsule events

Think capsule wardrobes, but for event decor. 

We all want solutions that save us time, money and energy for the things in life that really matter, right?!

A capsule event takes the same concept as capsule wardrobes, but applies it to event decor! It uses a collection of curated and essential premium decor items to create effortlessly beautiful events.

These core items are cohesive, but not matchy-matchy, and can be easily interchanged to create a variety of decor arrangements. 

Themes and colors can then be added to give extra flair and personality. 

Why capsule events work

  • You get access to timeless, yet unique, premium inventory
  • It makes planning easy + fewer decisions to make
  • It’s cost effective and sustainable
  • Your event is effortlessly beautiful: maximum style with minimal effort

The Wedding Trailer is the Midwest's first capsule event concept, providing event and wedding decor rentals in Iowa. 

We’ve broken our model out into 3 parts

Part I: Your base

“Anything but basic” base inventory to cover the core items you need for wedding and event decor! The big stuff, like arches, vases, centerpieces, LED candles, easels, etc. 

Part II: Your vibe

Feature items, like chairs, rugs, and accent vases, are subtle enough to complement any theme, but add visual and design interest.

Part III: Your personal touch

Add your own fresh florals, sentimental items, and finishing details to your event to make it 100% your own.

    It’s not just for weddings, either. 

    The Wedding Trailer provides event decor rentals for corporate events, grad parties, showers or big birthdays in Iowa. We love to make all events better, easier, and stress free!

    It’s your event in a (big) box.


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