About our concept & decor

How does it work?

Our model is super easy.

1. Select your base trailer inventory and accent collection
2. Pick the trailer up before your event (or get it delivered!)
3. Set up the decor according to your custom decor design plan
4. Return the trailer after your event

What items are in the trailer?

We have everything you need for wedding decor! 

Part I: Your base
Our trailers are filled with "anything but basic" base inventory to cover the core items you need for wedding and event decor! Vases, centerpieces, pillars, LED candles, easels, etc.

Part II: Your vibe
Feature items, like chairs, rugs, and accent vases, are subtle enough to complement any theme, but add visual and design interest.

Part III: Your personal touch
We get you most of the way, but leave room for you to add your own fresh florals, sentimental items, and finishing details to your event to make it 100% your own.

View the catalog and inventory.

How are your packages so affordable?

Instead of renting a handful of items at a time, laboring over extensive quoting processes, or managing inventory, we’ve completely streamlined the process. 

We pass all these cost savings and efficiencies on to you to provide premium decor rentals, without the premium price tag.

How many tables do your centerpieces cover?

20 tables!

We’ve found this to be the sweet spot. If you have fewer than 20, you’ll have extra sets to create a fuller look or to decorate other areas of your venue. If you have more than 20 tables or want extra, you can purchase these in groups of 10.

View centerpiece expansion

Do I have to set up the decor myself?

No! Just like most wedding decor, it can be set up by a wedding planner or coordinator. If your venue provides a day of coordinator, talk with them about set up/tear down! You can also delegate family or friends to help if that’s an option that works for your support system.

Will my decor look the same as other weddings?

Absolutely not! Just like one person wearing a white t-shirt can look totally different from another person wearing a white t-shirt, styling makes a huge visual difference! The way you choose to arrange and use the items, plus the colors or florals you add, will make your wedding uniquely you.

Will you help me with a decor plan?

Yes! We’ll provide a decor plan with recommendations on how to use the inventory based on your guest count and inspiration/vision!

Can I use decor from other rental companies or items I’ve purchased myself?

Definitely! It’s your event and we’re not going to tell you what you can and can’t do to create your dream day.

All our items have a discrete butterfly sticker on the bottom to identify which pieces are ours as the decor is packed up.

How do I book?

Contact us and we’ll get started!

Here’s what you can expect:

1. We’ll confirm the items are available on your selected date, as well as the pick up/drop off location.

2. You’ll receive a rental agreement to sign and invoice to pay.

3. We’ll keep in touch with periodic communication prior to your event, plus a pick up reminder!


About using the trailer

Where can I pick up the trailer?

Trailer pick up and drop off is available in Iowa City or Urbandale, Iowa. You’ll receive the exact location after you book!

How far can I take the trailer?

We don’t care where you take the trailer, as long as it’s returned by the return date and all items remain in original condition.

We don’t recommend traveling too far though! It might add extra stress and coordination on your big day.

What do I need to haul the trailer?

You’ll need a vehicle that has a two inch hitch ball and a four prong trailer plug. We provide a 2” ball and a 7 to 4 pin adapter, if needed.

Do you deliver?

It depends! There are certain venues we work with directly on delivery and pick up packages. If you’re interested in delivery, reach out and we can discuss location, rates, and timing to evaluate that option.

Do you offer midweek rentals?

Yes! Weddings and events aren’t just for weekends.

Provide your event date when you contact us and we’ll confirm pick up and return details.

Can the trailers only be used for weddings?

Definitely not! A majority of the products in each trailer can be used for any event, like corporate parties, baby showers, birthdays or graduation parties.

Contact us for midweek rentals or for custom packages.

What should I know about using the inventory?

Everything inside the trailer is yours to use!
A few things to note:

1. Items are clearly labeled and there’s a spot for everything!
2. Each trailer includes a printed catalog, so you can visually see what’s inside and easily delegate set up/tear down.
2. All items must be returned in their original condition.
3. All items must be placed back in their designated spot.