We saw a lot of brides out there who wanted a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception, but didn’t have the budget, time or energy to hand select every single decor item. 

There were traditional decor rental companies or DIY, but nothing in between and there HAD to be a better way. We had a vision to fill that gap using unique and modern products with a brand new, innovative model. 

So The Wedding Trailer was created. We started offering curated capsule decor packages that have everything you need to decorate your venue in the simplicity of one trailer. Because we’ve completely streamlined the process, those efficiencies are passed on to you and we’re able to charge a fraction of the price. 

Hi, I'm Carly

I founded The Wedding Trailer from my childhood dream of running a creative business. 

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    My design style uses elevated basics paired with unexpected, unique details that come together easily in a cohesive, but not matchy matchy, way.

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    I value efficiency and I’m a quick, bold decision maker (enneagram 8, first born child, Cancer). All those decor decisions you don’t want to make? I did it for you.

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    While you’re interacting with me most frequently, my husband and parents are also part of the WT team and help keep things running smoothly in the background!

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    My perfect day includes some combination of sun, baby giggles, true crime podcasts, and a matcha green tea latte.

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We're a perfect match if:

  • You think the wedding industry is ripe for disruption.
  • You want to show up at your wedding and have beautiful decor without spending a ton of time planning or researching.
  • You value nice things and great design, but don’t want to blow your entire wedding budget on the decor.
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