Why Your Centerpiece Should Include Bud Vases

Why Your Centerpiece Should Include Bud Vases

When it comes to dreaming up show-stopping wedding table decor, your Pinterest might be full of tall, floral displays or installations that drape onto the floor. 

While we tend to dream big, the impact that smaller arrangements have on creating a captivating tablescape should not be underestimated when planning your wedding decor rentals. 

Timeless and minimal centerpieces are popping up wedding after wedding. 

Enter the bud vase! Bud vases come in various styles, but are generally categorized as smaller vases meant to hold a few floral stems, instead of an entire arrangement. They’re a staple to any centerpiece and a core wedding decor rental item. 

3 reasons to use bud vases in your centerpieces 

1. They offer the perfect pop of color, or neutral, by the florals used to fill them. 

Wedding centerpieces are trending towards using more classic and timeless pieces. Instead of matching runners and vases and florals (circa 2010 weddings), elevated vessels allow for floral choices that make your color scheme pop in a modern and organic way. 

Fill bud bases with stems containing colors and textures that accentuate your wedding vibe. The possibilities are literally endless, and can be executed in a cost effective and timely manner. 

2. They're easy to style but make a big visual impact. 

No need to overstuff a bud vase with a lot of flowers. One to two stems are all you need. You can work with a wide array of flowers and colors, or go for a more monochromatic look by choosing just a few blooms in one color for a cohesive look that still feels new and fresh to guests. 

These petite cuties can be presented alone or in groups, with taper candles, luxurious fabrics or natural accents. Whether your aesthetic is classic elegance, dark and moody, or boho chic, bud vases are the go to for your wedding centerpieces.


3. They create dimension by drawing the eye down.

Bud vases are perfect for cluster centerpieces, which are created by grouping clusters of arrangements in different shapes and sizes. 

Cluster centerpieces typically span the entire table, giving the same feeling as a floral garland with less effort. Bud vases allow you to play with different heights and sizes, bringing in that coveted high-low look. Bud bases paired with our large and medium cylinder vases are all you need! 

Little vignettes can also be created within cluster centerpieces. Add loose flower heads, petals or other small decor accents to create extremely interesting displays. 

Want to wow guests with your centerpieces?

Trust us, clusters of flowers in elevated, timeless vessels are the way to do it. 

Not into the *planning* to get this look? It’s all included in our base wedding and event decor rental. 

Each trailer inventory contains;

  • 20 medium cylinder vases
  • 20 large cylinder vases
  • 10 artisanally crafted bulb vases
  • 10 artisanally crafted bud vases
  • 40 real wax LED taper candles
  • 40 ribbed glass candlestick holders


The Wedding Trailer provides wedding decor rentals in Iowa. Our concept is simple: We know selecting, planning, and buying decor for an event is stressful and expensive. Our trailers are filled with high-end, tasteful items that do the work for you. From arches to backdrops to centerpieces, you get the whole trailer (170+ items) for the rental period! 
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